Home Learning 19/02/2018

For your home learning, please spend 30 minutes drafting a leaflet for your chosen Greek God/ Goddess.

Please complete your leaflet using pencil and line guides.

This will be due tomorrow (Tuesday 20th February)

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The term so far…

What did

enjoy learning about this term?

Share some of your favorite learning from this half term.

What did you enjoy learning about?


What particularly made you enjoy it?

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Safer Internet Day

As you may be aware, today is Safer Internet day. Across the UK,  schools, government and private organisations are working together to promote staying safe online. They are providing training, meetings, workshops and lessons to not only children but adults too.

Today in school, Year 6 took on a great responsibility and delivered powerful and successful lessons to each class which should enable children, parent/carers and teachers to stay safe or improve the level of safety when online.

Thank you Mr Cullen, Ms Mumby, 6C and 6M.

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Online Safety at Clapham Manor.

Next week ( beginning Monday 5th February) will be Internet Safety Week. As part of online safety, we at Clapham Manor would like you (children and parent/carers) to know what we, the staff, do to protect and promote online safety in and out of school.

Please take a moment to click the link below and read through our guidance:


Online Safety at Clapham Manor for website

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Greek Gods Home Learning

Find and write 10 facts about the Gods/Goddess you chose.

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Story Pots

On our visit to the British Museum we took a moment to study Ancient Greek pots. Greek pots are important because they tell us so much about how life was in Athens and other ancient Greek cities.

Pots came in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on their purpose, and were often beautifully decorated with scenes from daily life, Greek mythological tales or images of the gods and their deeds. Sometimes these scenes reflect what the pot was used for.

The Greeks believed that the goddess Athena invented the potter’s wheel.

It can be tricky to recognise what mythological tale has been displayed on the Greek pots. During our visit we were taught how to identify who was presented on each pot.


CHALLENGE: Ancient Greek Guess Who?

Can you identify the characters and/or story being portrayed on these Greek pots? How do you know who it is? What clues helped?



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British Museum

Year 5 went on an adventure through time last Friday as they visited the Ancient Greek galleries at the British Museum. As well as learning how to spot different Greek Gods on the ancient pots and the stories they represent, they had the chance to create their own mythical monsters! It was amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.


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New Year, New Term, New Teachers New Topics

Lets start with .

For 5R this new year and term begins with two teachers taking over the class and working together to grow brighter futures.  Ms Clarke and Mr Saunders shall be sharing the class, with Ms Clarke teaching in the morning and Mr Saunders teaching in the afternoon.

This term our new topics are:

Science – Forces and motions;

History – Ancient Greece, we will also be reading various greek myths starting with ‘The Adventures of Odysseus.’ Have you read any other greek myths? Which ones?

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