Assembly practice

Hello all, 

We hope your are enjoying the break and getting some much deserved rest.

Don’t forget the first week back is our sharing assembly.  For those who want to re-enact a scene from the Greek myths we having been learning about here are a few play scripts to practice with:


ak play


Also, consider the props and the costumes we will need to have a successful performance.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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Burger time lapse

This term in 5R, as part of our microorganisms topic,  we conducted an investigation to see which burger would decompose first, McDonald’s or Five Guys.


Here is an example of what should’ve happened.


Parents, ask your child why our burgers did not have the same results?

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Home learning 28.03.18

Your home learning tonight is to complete your Sudoku Puzzle.

Well done to everyone for bringing their science book back into school. Don’t forget to bring your maths book back tomorrow!! 

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Home Learning 19/03/18

This evening for your home learning you should:

Complete your French Weather Wheel, use the image to support you:

Find out, What rivers are in Paris and London? What seas are closest to Paris and to London?

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Home Learning 16.03.18

For your home learning this weekend, Investigate why the chemical symbol for salt is:


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World Book Day Competition

Tomorrow (Thursday 15th March 2018) is the final hand in for the World Book Day competition.

So use tonight to give your best effort to complete your entry and check it over.

Good luck!

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Scratch example games

While testing out these games, take the opportunity to look at the algorithims and coding that make the game work.

Open the internet and type one of these addresses into the address bar:

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Study of a European Locality: Paris

This term in Geography our topic is a study of a European locality, the location we shall be studying is Paris, France.


Your Home learning is to complete one of these activities:

homelearning 12.3.18 pt2

homelearning 12.3.18




Everyone should be doing the sorting activity unless you have been given/told to do something else.

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Home Learning 08/03/2018

Use reading to draw conclusions/ find evidence

Read the text and annotate / make notes.

Underline key scientific vocabulary

Word attack – any unfamiliar vocabulary.

HOT: Summarise the text – theme, purpose, audience, message/ view point


Preservatives in Food


Once you have finished the research, have a go at drafting a prediction.

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Sing Up Day song choice

As mentioned before, Wednesday 14th March is International Sing Up Day 2018. Our school will be taking part. The whole school will sing together and then each class will be singing a different song. The song we have chosen in 5R is ‘Hall of Fame‘ by The Script featuring


Below you will find a link to the words, a video with the lyrics and music and an instrumental version (music only, no lyrics)

Big sing Hall of Fame by The Script lyrics


Get practicing!!!

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